Swissbiolabs Accelerator

The accelerator is part of the Swissbiolabs Foundation. 

This structure helps young Start-Ups and businesses to develop, offering them training and education, consulting and financial support. The Swissbiolabs Accelerator also offers access to our large network of industry specialists.

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How do we define our Accelerator?

We are looking to create a perfect harmony between specialisation and complementary technologies. By selecting a mix of companies each having its specific specialisation we are creating the ideal setting that will allow each company to bloom. Our ultimate goal is, that everyone can benefit from each other and that the “Diagnostics Ecoystem” will grow. Therefore we are selecting a mix of companies, start-ups and R&D organisations.

What makes the Swissbiolabs accelerator unique and interesting for your projects?

Uniqueness: The only HUB in Switzerland with a clear focus on Diagnostics.

Specialization: The ideal setting to develop innovative Diagnostic products.

Location: Situated in the heart of the “Ecosystem» and in the centre part of Switzerland with good accessibility by car and train; walking distance from the main train station.

Infrastructure: High standard laboratory facilities are available.

Service: A complete service portfolio is offered (e.g. Administration, Legal and Tax Consultancy).

Service: A complete service portfolio is offered (e.g. Administration, Legal and Tax Consultancy).

Relationship: The existing link between «Challenge» and «Investor Circle» provides enhanced possibilities

Interdisciplinary Team: A Swissbiolabs Coaching Team and Network of Experts assists in different topics(e.g. Business Development, Marketing, Reimbursement)

Network and Community: Close connection to companies, organisationsand universities who are concentrating on Diagnostics. Easy access to other industries, experts, representatives from politics and economy.

Benefit from Swissbiolabs services and advantages

We are specialized which means that you have access to an ideal environment for innovation in the area of Diagnostics.

We care for you and offer a complete package of infrastructure and service from one hand.

We know the network and will provide you the access to scientific experts and business representatives.

We are in the heart of Switzerland and all main cities like Zürich, Basel, Bern and their universities are very close.

We promote you and we like to support you with subsidies and present you and your ideas to investors.


- Suppliers for laboratory equipment and accessories

- Laboratory automation

- New screening tools (immunoassays, PCR analysis)

- Services in data processing of IVD / big data analysis

- Point of Care Diagnostics

- 3D cell cultures

- Miniaturization (Lab on a chip)

Swissbiolabs is the hotspot of excellent science and hands-on entrepreneurship. We facilitate the know-how transfer from science to business and expedite entrepreneurs to take into account latest scientific insights. 

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